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Coconut Oil in the Morning for Weight Loss

Adding coconut oil to your breakfast or beverages in the morning is one great way to boost your energy level and elevate your metabolism for weight loss.

You should preferably add one tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning. But you should not stop there. As hours pass by, the thermogenic effect of coconut oil will subside and so does your metabolism. Therefore, you should try to take as much coconut oil as possible for the day so that your body fat can burn throughout and not just for that few hours after breakfast.

The recommended intake of coconut oil for weight loss is 3–4 tablespoons per day. Of course, if you can take anywhere beyond that, by all means, just make sure you increase the intake slowly and progressively or you may have to go through the so-called coconut oil side effects.

Having said that, mix more coconut oil into your lunch and some into your dinner to keep up the thermogenic effect of coconut oil. Dipping cookies or dry snacks into fat-burning oil is another good way to consume coconut oil for weight loss.

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