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Benefits of Coconut Oil on Empty Stomach

You can take coconut oil before, during or after food. But I normally take it with food as it enhances the flavor and make my meals even more enjoyable.

You can of course eat coconut oil on an empty stomach. That will allow the compounds in the oil to break down even faster and protect your health from malicious microbial attack. This would also increase your metabolism quickly. However, because it stimulates cellular activities very quickly, your bowel will tend to move faster than usual and it may trigger diarrhea-like symptoms on you.

Of course, if you take only a teaspoon on empty stomach, the symptoms may not be obvious. Normally, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on empty stomach would trigger somewhat a severe response like 5–8 times in 12 hours or so. But still, this is not considered diarrhea because it's actually a detox process from the use of coconut oil.

If you want to reap the benefits of coconut oil yet without having to go through this so-called diarrhea-like side effect of coconut oil, always mix it with food. It's easy, pour it over your favorite food, blend it with fruits and vegetables, cook your rice with it which will give a nice coconut-y fragrance or fry tofu with it. Get creative and you will be able to gain more from eating coconut oil.

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